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     Purpose of the Resume Architect would also be to project the right fit for the position 

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    All About us

    The philosophy of resume writing, is based on the premise that looking for a job is 'live' marketing. To persuade prospective employers to pay attention to you and how they will benefit. We approached about 200 clients and candidates for getting to know what they would like to see in a resume. 

    We then came up with a product Resume Architect(RA). The philosophy of resume writing is based on the premise  that it is a marketing document of your competencies, especially digital achievements and potential. 


    Our Objectives

    Learn the dramatic shift in perspective that will transform your resume motivating employers to study your candidature .

    • RA will prove that you will add value to the organisation.
    • RA resume will assist you to take control of the interview and significantly improve your success rate
    • RA version resume of yourself is what will be presented to the prospective employer.

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    Competencies will be in the Resume which reflects the job & describe the company profile to exhibit the organisation Size & Complexity. Purpose of Resume Architect would also be to project the right fit for the position in terms of functional, behavioural, managerial competencies besides culture compatibility.

    Help create digitally proficient talent profile which highlights critical competencies and measures and demonstrate the business impact. A certified professional takes you through the reports and assist you in preparing the development plans. Please ask for sample reports.

    we shall provide you with both the PDF version and word document of your finalized resume.

    About us

    WHY US?

    • We are veteran recruiters who know what a recruiter wants to see in a resume.

    • Our experts shortlist thousands of resumes every day so we know which points to highlight.

    • We keep the resumes crisp, concise and to the point.

    • Every resume we create would be highly relevant and meet current resume standards (which keep on changing).

    • The end result is simple, keyword friendly, content rich and an error free resume.



    Thomas Profiling

    For Emotional Intelligence Assessment (EIA), Personal Profile Analysis(PPA) and understanding strength & limitations of candidates we have tied up with Thomas Profiling. Reports are shared with clients along with Professional Team Member Report and resume. Counsel candidates on strengths and limitaions and job compatibility.



    HDS(Hogan Development Survey), HPI(Hogan Personality Inventory), MVPI(Motives, Values, Preference Inventory & HBRI(Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory) a personality test carried out for Top management personnel which help predicts workplace performance by helping business dramatically and increase productivity by hiring the right candidates developing key talent and elvaluating leadership potential.





    Competencies will be in the Resume which reflects the

    job & drawn from Thomas Profiling Reports (optional)

    Rs.7500/- + GST.

    A certified Professional takes you through reports and assist you in preparing the development Plans. 


    Professional Fees

    Resume Architect Rs. 2950 (includes GST)

    (for less than 5 years)

    Resume Architect Rs. 6490 (includes GST).

    (for more than 5 years but less than 10 years experience)

    Resume Architect Rs. 10000 (includes GST).

    (for more  than 10 years experience)


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